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Quick listening test done streaming to SB Touch, via router / network bridge in win8 pc

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Normal set up:

Old win8 pc that is

wired to router with linear psu

that is wired to SB touch with linear psu and soundcheck toolbox, digital coax

-> pre/dac.. etc


Today I added a basic 3com network card to the pc, and enabled the Win8 network bridge.


Assuming/Thinking the 'separate' network card would be of better quality than the on board one, and may therefore provide a hopefully positive change in audio playback, plugged the router to the onboard card and the SBT to the 3com (to cut the router from the SBT network path-So I think anyway...)


Muffled came to mind after the first few seconds of playback...

Changed the router connection to the 3com and the SBT to the onboard ethernet connection,

Clarity came to mind after the first few seconds of playback...

clarity was still at the for front of my mind after a few tracks and also a better 3D image/soundstage,


More listening to do just to confirm my initial thoughts.


The SBT seems to be better, the kitchen system now via the 3com seems slightly muffled..


I was hoping the elimination of the router from the SBT path would improve things, initial thoughts are that it has, more listening is required to confirm, but, I did not even think that any other streamers connected (now via ethernet pci card would suffer) Ho Humm


How many variables are there! Infinite! :-O

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