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The B-52s - Complete Studio Album Collection 1979-1992

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Much as I love the Bs, I doubt any of this is remastered - probably just taken from the original recordings and placed in a 24/192 container.


That said, I went ahead and bought the set in 24/96 (just couldn't bring myself to spring for 24/192), since I had most of this only in 256k MP3. And it sounds great. I just wouldn't expect any sonic revelations from the higher sampling rates . . .

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Thanks all for your comments. I decided life is short and got the collection myself as well. There is a lot of material there, 63 tracks so I have not listened to everything yet, but very very enjoyable, no regrets, great band, great tunes.




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Great comments, guys. Thank you for posting...brings back a lot of memories...just might have to download!



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I'm also in the "life's too short" camp. Having enjoyed the music in a straight run through, I then did a quick A/B with a selection of ripped CD tracks and the Hires has it. I'd say there is a bit more resolution and detail in the 24/192 offering (compared to the original UK CD releases) but not much. The vocals at times, sound better resolved and occasionally the (never all that well recorded) bass reveals something I don't think I've heard before. Par for the course considering the material. I'm happy I got them.

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Hang-on, are we talking about the same B-52s here? Never thought of them as a hi-rez sort of band. I always listened to them while sweaty and drunk on a dance floor through over-driven PA speakers.


Don't get me wrong I love their music but just can't imagine it without a lot of distortion both chemical and electrical. ;)

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Thanks to everyone for posting about this with their impressions and some technical info.


There's two coupons for a combined total of 30% off of this and several other Warner box sets at HDTracks - good through Monday night.


I'm in for the 24/192!

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