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Reference articles to best teach the fundamental of computer/digital audio

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I have been heavily vested in computer audio over the last few years attributed mainly by this site created by Chris and the collective expertise from everyone here who contributes.


Please post any good reference articles/productive threads that will help educate and familiarize audiophiles who themselves are new to computer or digital audio.


These almost Cliff Notes will help them, as this forum has help me.


With appreciation...

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Here's another short and pretty simple book on compression by David Maxey -UnderstandingCompressionintheHomeMusicStudio.pdf


Here's also a great reference site that contains many articles on all sorts of DIY electronics/audiophile projects - amps, filters, power supplies, speakers, signal processing and more. The articles are here - DIY Audio Articles. Plus a price list for all the parts to perform the projects - ESP - Complete Price List. The only drawback is that they are located in Australia, so it may slow down the mail & up the postage depending where you live.


Finally, here a book on electronic components and how to build the basics - transformers, transistors, resistors, capacitors, up to speakers, microphones and and headphones. Plus, there is a company which supplies all the needed parts to perform the projects (located in Belgrade). http://goo.gl/1PZMt8.


There's some technical reading here, but it's very educational. Maybe enough so that you can learn how to build your own audio equipment...?

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