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As a newbie and audio fan, I’d like to contribute with a suggestion, and this morning, I had an idea. The format of CA is that Chris authors the main articles, and in the forum, participants share their thoughts. I would like to humbly propose the following:


Open up the articles to guest authors, chosen by Chris, of course. There are some very knowledgeable CA members, including industry leaders, who might appreciate the opportunity to post an article on CA. Chris would retain full editorial control.


And please forgive the comparison, if inappropriate, but expanding the number of articles and authors on CA would raise its rating from a great Class A component to a hands-down brilliant, impossible-to-beat Class A+ site.


Thank you for your consideration.



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Recently, i_s wrote a series of very informative posts on the difference between Multi Bit DACs vs. Delta Sigma DACs. They were a fine example of the quality of article that can be written by some members of this forum. They were crafted in a way that would interest both the novice and the expert. Indeed, we are most fortunate.





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