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Damien, a time line...?


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I think the Chablis has kicked in.

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This is precisely why I will never write software.

Or make the mistake of telling people ahead of time...


Guys, you have two choices:


- push Damien hard to publish A+ yesterday, like many other software houses seem to do these days, and then use the end user as beta tester for a gazillion small and major bugs


- or wait patiently until the beta test has progressed to a point that most of the potential bugs have been found and corrected, and actually have Damien launch a software that people will enjoy using


I can guarantee you Damien is working extremely hard on this project, IMHO we'll be getting a great product, and probably in a rather close future.

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Patience is a virtue, guys.

Last time he commented, he said it was about a month away. I'm sure he wants to insure full compatibility with Yosemite, and he probably is only working with a beta version of that.


What do I care, though? I'm still getting the best SQ on my rig w v. in playlist mode/exclusive/direct/integer 1 and Mavericks 1.9.1 w/C.A.D. optimization.

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Stay on your way. Do not listen these impatient people. Do what you have to do. Give us the best.



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Whee was the last time you did something for the first time?

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