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Am I fool?

Just now with Dig. player (Ibasso DX 50), new.

Now listening to music with much more scrutiny.

The surprise. CD quality.

Have assumed CD's were of the highest resolution, sample rate etc.

But like the DVD, maybe not?

Would like your opinion of CD quality. Of course, mono material from the 30's, 40's and 50's can't be expected to be perfect, noise free super bit or anything of the sort. But isn't it reasonable to assume that stuff recorded in stereo (from the early 60's onward) would be pretty well mixed, stereo, noise free, colorful etc?

I've found the tune transfers to commercial CD's running from miserable to very high quality.

Why is this?

Am I a fool to expect hi sample rates, noiseless, full fidelity music on a all CD's?

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