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Apologies in advance for a naive question, probably answered somewhere on the site, tho I can't find it.

I am using Mac Mini running J River Media Centre in one room then wifi to an Airport Express in another, connecting to my amp via a 3.5mm jack and cable.

There is a solid concrete floor between, so the wifi connection is not great - annoying dropouts.

Connecting the two parts of the system by wire would be difficult - the concrete floor again.

I am looking at Ethernet over Powerline.

Can someone please outline the connections?

I realize the signal over the powerline is digital, so I need a DAC between the powerline adapter and the amp.

Is it as simple as Mac Mini to router, router to powerline adapter1 by ethernet, adapter2 to DAC, DAC to amp?

Any other suggestions?

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Room one - Mac Mini to Router, Router to Powerline #1 via ethernet.

Room two - Powerline #2 to Airport Express via ethernet. Airport Express to amp via 3.5mm jack and cable.


You would configure the Airport Express to extend your network ( the one created by your router ).


What router do you have?

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