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JRiver + JRemote - special case

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For work reasons I'm away from home, and in the rented apartment I have a strange access to internet, I connect

to WiFi router of landlord's apartment above mine, which is 4G mobile internet, and the speed is very slow.


On my laptop I have installed JRiver 18, and I like to listen to the music in bed, through JRemote on iPad and headphones,

but without transcoding option turned on in JRemote. Currently I'm practically accessing Jriver through internet, and with lot of interruptions.


So I purchased a NETGEAR N150 WiFi router, but what I intended due to OS limitations is not possible. So I decided to use it in a way that when I need internet I'm connected to landlord's network. And before I go to bad and listen to music, turn off WiFi on laptop and plug ethernet cable from router to laptop so I can access JRiver directly from iPad.


And now comes the problem, I cannot use access key in JRemote because I don't have internet, and with IP address I'm not able to connect to JRiver, and I noticed that JRiver server every time has different IP.


Strange thing is that when my router and PC are disconnected in network devices I see JRiver server and his IP, but when I connect them together Jriver server dissapears from network devices (media shearing is on).


Any suggestions what could be the problem? (I'm pretty good with computers, only don't have experience with networks).



I know that I had to buy WiFi extender, but now the damage is done...

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