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SONY DSD Sonic Stage Mastering

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My first post on the site so go easy on me....


I have a Vaio PC which via Sony’s Sonic Stage Master Software can import MP3 and WAV and upsample/convert to DSD and then burn to disc.


It works great am I’m really impressed with the quality but on a ‘few’ MP3 files its trying to import it comes up with an error message of "one or more of the files could not be imported".


Any user experienced the same problem? How did you rectify?


The MP3 Im trying to import has Album art Cover Tag. Is this the problem? How do I remove it?


I can’t see any DRM or copyright protection on the files I’m trying to import and really want to master MP3 files to disc.


Please help !!!




Orient Pirate



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Hi Chris,


I was hoping that a few of your members maybe using this DSD "conversion" software. With a WAV file it can be quite impressive on play back and is great for achiving on high quality media DVD discs such as these Premium Green ones from Japan :-




I just need to sort this small problem on the import of certain MP3's. Most are fine but Sonys online trouble shooting for this software has no mention to my fault :-(






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