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NAD M51 HDMI Input

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Hi guys !


I have a NAD M51 DAC which sounds very good (although currently using an Accuphase DAC40 more).


I read about people connecting their HTPC to the NAD M51 via HDMI instead of the USB connection. Has anyone tried this approach ? It would save me a lot of money for a good HDMI cable which might not be needed after all.


A good HDMI cable would be pretty close to the Audiophilleo 2 (without Pure Power) so not worth exploring "blindly", with COAX being highly recommended by a series of users.


Current USB cable is Audioquest Coffee from Jplay streaming HTPC.


Thank you in advance !

Windows 2012 Server R2 with Jplay > Audioquest Coffee > Accuphase DAC-40 > Accuphase E-360 > Custom Cables, Chord Signature Jumpers > Triangle Signature Delta

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