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Sony Highlights DSD DAC at CAS 2014

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Interesting show report from Enjoy The Music at the California Audio Show (CAS 2014) in Burlingame, CA.


Sony has two systems going including a Stereo setup with their very popular HAP-Z1ES Stereo DSD Music Server and a second with Multichannel playback that includes the EMM Labs DAC 8 Mk. IV DSD DAC designed by Ed Meitner. You might want to drop by if you are in the area to have a listen.


Sony Multichannel Demo at CAS 2014.jpg


Sony's Multichannel DSD Demo at CAS 2014 with EMM Labs DAC 8 Mk. IV, 8 Channel DSD DAC

Sony's Smooth Surround Sound SACD @ CAS 2014 High-End Audio Event

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