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Sort of at the beginning of the computer audiophile curve......

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I wasnt sure where to put this.


Currently, I have just discovered the coolness of streaming music to airport express via my pc which is in the corner of the room.


We just moved to a new house. In Texas.


There is no good place to put the stereo, so as a weekend project, I ended up running a new receptacle to a ledge about 9 feet off the ground and putting a little 2.1 system up there. I have the Yamaha $100 powered sub, and a crappy pair of JBL 500's up there now.


My proposed power source is either an NAD 316 BEE or a cool tube amp of some sort with a remote (for obvious reasons- I don't want to drag out a stepladder everytime I need to make a modification).


I am also considering a pair of JBL L830's to supplement the system for something that doesn't suck quite so bad.


I am most curious about the dac thing. I have, over the course of the past week, been studying streaming audio and audio in general..( I have sort of a background in audio..an interest since a very young age, and a constant involvement in live sound reinforcement for about the last 12 years...so it's a passion of mine. One of the few that remains...)


Anyway, a few questions....


The Audioengine D1 has caught my eye and I suppose I'm looking to put a metric to how much difference it will make with vs. without.


I know enough to know the answer is "it depends".......uh...yeah.


I suppose I'm looking for amp recommendations as well. The NAD 316BEE has caught my eye, both because it has a remote and bc of the classic NAD sound signature that I remember from school. Many years ago. I suppose I'm looking for a source for a used one of these....affordability is a huge factor...open to gear recommendations, both in terms of make and model, and sources of good used equipment.


I guess last, I'm looking for an answer to the question-

are all toslink cables created pretty much equal? I was looking to come out of the AEX to a DAC of sort, out of the dac via rca cables to the amp of choice.


Last, I am ultimately looking to expand the unit via additional aex's, expanding my musicl library via spotify, etc. I installed spotify today but can't find a way to stream spotify natively. Is airfoil a necessity to both stream to aex units, and to stream to multiple aex targets?


I posted on the spotify forum but no reply as yet; I thought you folks would know this stuff intuitively.


Thanks listers; I know this was a little vague......

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