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Wireless music server setup

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Hello all..... I really appreciate that forums such as this do exist. People like me would be lost without them.


Here's my dilemma. I am attempting to put together a music server system after a very long hiatus from the world of audiophile audio.


Here is the components I've thus far assembled. Emotiva XPR-2 amplifier, Audible Illusions Modulus B3 preamplifier, Eastern Audio MiniMax DAC Plus, Thiel CS 7.2 speakers.


My primary listening source will be high def lossless (mainly flac) files stored on an as yet to be determined music server, connected to a home network wireless router.


I need advice on the best way to connect the wireless server (recommendations for servers also welcomed) to the Minimax DAC.


Bill at Morningstar Audio, importer of the MiniMax, says that it will not accept a wireless input. I'm sure this is true but there must be some sort of interim device I can plug into the MiniMax input to accomplish my wireless mission. There is the Sonos bridge but I don't want to go that route because I dont want the audio to go thru the Sonos' substandard DAC.


Does anyone out there have expertise and/or experience in doing this. How best to proceed? Any and all solutions are greatfully accepted and solicited.


Thank you all!


Scott Moorhead

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You could use Sonos. I did for a while, sending the digital out from the Sonos to my DAC. This is actually not a bad solution but I felt the Sonos digital out to be lacking a bit and Sonos cannot play high res files. So now I bought a Atom based PC ($300) and stream via the USB output to my DAC. Another option is the new Auralic Aries. You've got lots of options depending on budget and system goals.

12TB NAS >> i7-6700 Server/Control PC >> i3-5015u NAA >> Singxer SU-1 DDC (modded) >> Holo Spring L3 DAC >> Accustic Arts Power 1 int amp >> Sonus Faber Guaneri Evolution speakers + REL T/5i sub (x2)


Other components:

UpTone Audio LPS1.2/IsoRegen, Fiber Switch and FMC, Windows Server 2016 OS, Audiophile Optimizer 3.0, Fidelizer Pro 6, HQ Player, Roonserver, PS Audio P3 AC regenerator, HDPlex 400W ATX & 200W Linear PSU, Light Harmonic Lightspeed Split USB cable, Synergistic Research Tungsten AC power cords, Tara Labs The One speaker cables, Tara Labs The Two Extended with HFX Station IC, Oyaide R1 outlets, Stillpoints Ultra Mini footers, Hi-Fi Tuning fuses, Vicoustic/RealTraps/GIK room treatments

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