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Ground your streamer...

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Hi all,


Those of you who had a chance to try will have an idea what Entreq grounding devices can do for your system. They now have a new series of cables I believe is worth mentioning for streaming audio users: Ethernet Grounding cables.


If you already own Entreq Tellus, silver or normal, and if your network switch is close-by, then just try one of these (Challenger is suggested) with an empty socket of your switch which is in between your streamer and NAS. If the switch is far away, a minimus should suffice...


In my Devialet system, and a Linn Akurate DS system I had the chance to try, the results were quite dramatic. You owe yourself an audition.


They are not ethernet cables. On one end is your familiar RJ45 connector, on the other a spade to be connected to Tellus.


And I know, bits are bits, ethernet cables do not make a difference, etc.



Kii Three + BXT, dCS Network Bridge, Stromtank 2500, Roon Nucleus, Echole Power Cables, Mogami + Bocchino AES, SOTM Switch + CAT7

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Interesting. I never thought about something like that. All the Entreq equipment looks quite "expensive" though for quite an easy task - as it seems on first sight, but I might be wrong. Is there alternatives around and have other people experience on this subject?

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