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Synology NAS hacked and their owners blackmailed

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Thanks for posting, key point for Synology users:


Synology has finished analyzing the exploit and confirmed which versions of DSM are vulnerable. The vulnerability in question was patched out of DSM in December of 2013, so only servers running significantly out of date versions of DSM appear to be affected.

In summary, DSM 5.0 is not vulnerable. Meanwhile DSM 4.x versions that predate the vulnerability fix – anything prior to 4.3-3827, 4.2.3243, or 4.0-2259 – are vulnerable to SynoLocker. For those systems that are running out of date DSM versions and have not been infected, then updating to the latest DSM version should close the hole.

As for systems that have been infected, Synology is still suggesting that owners shut down the device and contact the company for direct support.

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Why someone would not update to 5.0 at this point is beyond me. Do people really think that the updates that are released with notes that specifically say Security Update mean nothing? Crazy.

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