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Still waiting patiently for a stick of ram to go into a NUC I have purchased.


The plan being a dedicated music server. That is what I would like, something thats sole purpose is the delivery of music to my hifi.


I understand that Daphile and Vortexbox run on linux and appear to offer this solution. However is there other options?


Anything else out there to consider? I would prefer not to be installing windows as in my experience it demands to much of my time.



In a truly ideal world there would be a gorgeous interface on both my ipad but also on a connected screen that could be controlled with a remote.



To an extent Plex does this, but its hardly optimised for audio. I also like XBMC but again last time I used it it was no good for hi def of which I have a little bit. Also the pair of these were a nightmare for setting up playlists.


A primary concern is to be able to set up play now/last type playlists. I love this feature in 'remote' for itunes. Does daphile/vortexbox offer this.


Any hints and tips would be great I am working through this board slowly. I noted another 3 letter acronyms for delivery of music and looked at the wiki, but seemed one for programmers.

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