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Playing 88/24 on Non-Oversampling DAC?

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Is there any way to play 88/24 (or 24/96) downloads over a non-oversampling DAC?


I have a G5 (PowerPC) outputting to an Audio Note DAC and speakers, and have been getting mainly hisses and crackling when I download the audiophile selections off HDtracks, and was curious if I could get the selections to work if I upgrade my soundcard. Apologies if this has been posted or covered in an article, but I have been unable to find it on this site.


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I connect through the optical audio output on the G5. There is a little device that converts the optical audio output into a coaxial (and from there it runs into the DAC). I thought that the optical audio output might be driven by the sound card, which is what triggered the original question. I bought the G5 in early 2004, in case that helps.


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Excuse me for this probably most stupid question, but is your Audio Note 88.2/96 capable in the first place ?

If so, they must have brought out a new unit since a year or two.


Or maybe your question is just about that ? If so, I dare to say No, not possible. Not because the Audio Note will be NOS, but because it is just not capable of the higher sample rates.


To answer your question literally, yes that is possible, but only if the DAC allows for these rates (and bit deth) at the input.


Maybe this helps, but possibly you are not happy. Sorry !



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