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Hi Folks,


First post here so go easy as my inquiry is probably an old one.


I am looking to build a home media environment with as much wireless connectivity as possible. I have a Streacom FC5 as my media center (bought from Digital Solutions - LifeFX Digital Solutions - Media Center & Technology Specialists) and now need to complete it with a speaker/amp system.


Keeping with the wireless criteria the 2.1 Onkyo 3100 system looks impressive as it comes well reviewed and includes wireless sub woofer and blue tooth connectivity.


Another option of course is Sonos but there are limitations.


I am curious to hear your thoughts and suggestions on this. My objective is to be as convenient, limitless and wire free as possible, however I understanding that not everything needs to be without wire.


I thought I would post on this site as this seems to be were the pros hang out.





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