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Apple imac G5 - help with audio player and settings

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On a pure whim I purchased a imac g5, that was for sale locally


Full spec is 1.8ghz power pc, 160gb HD & 2GB ram, running OSX 10.4.11 Tiger


On my PC I usually run foobar, with a usb output to usb-coaxial converter into my DAC, usually control foobar via an android application


Firstly, can anyone point me in the direction of a decent music player that will play on the machines spec as above (other than "play")


Secondly, I have numerous hi res audio files in FLAC, which work in "play", however, they appear to be all resampled down to 44.1 according to my DACs input


Through midi I can adjust the sampling rate, which works according to my DAC's input display, however, it doesnt appear to automatically output in the files original format


IE if I set to 24/96 then everything appears to be output in that, despite the original files varying between 44.1/48/88.2/96


Some help would be much appreciated as its been years since I have used a mac and hence I am struggling

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Unfortunately, AFAIK, all the modern dedicated music player apps for Mac that bypass the computer's internal Core Audio processing and automatically lock into varying bit and sample rates require a 64-bit Intel processor. So, your best bet is to play your files with your Tiger-compatible version of iTunes, pre-setting the Audio MIDI app to the max 24/96, as you have done. Those old Macs had a pretty decent internal DAC.

Macs don't natively recognize FLAC files, but you can transcode them to ALAC (Apple lossless) using a free utility like XLD or MediaHuman Audio Converter.

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Channel D says that Pure Music : "Supports both PowerPC (G4, G5) and Intel Mac Computers running Mac OS X 10.5 or later."


So if you're running at least 10.5, then that might be an option.

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As you fall in love with the Mac, but begin to hate the jet-engine whir of the G5's fans (my youngest son had 2), you may want to consider the next step up, which would be a late 2009 Mac Mini for $250-300 (maybe less on eBay).

I think these offer a great value and are close to midway (generation wise) between the G5 and the current crop of Macs.



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