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Does my Oppo downsample DSD to PCM ?

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Hi All,


Upgraded my BDP-105D to the latest firmware (April 2014, from memory) and it will now play the .dsf file I downloaded from Blue Coast, but it appears as 'Track Type: DSD to PCM'. My settings are as follows:


Playback -> SACD Priority = Stereo

AudioFormat Setup

- Secondary Audio = Off

- HDMI Audio = Auto

- Coaxial/Optical output = Bitstream

- SACD output = Auto

- HDCD Decoding = Off


Audio Processing

- stereo signal = downmixed stereo


The Oppo is connected to an Auralic Taurus headphone amp via XLR interconnects - dont see why that would make any difference. I dont know much about DSD - clearly - but my Chord Hugo doesnt give me any feedback except for some colored lights, so I'd appreciate any feedback you can give me on this, even if it's 'RTFM !' ;)







Just one more headphone and I know I can kick this nasty little habit !

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Doh - it was indeed an RTFM issue - my apologies:




DSD to Analog Output:


The internal DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) inside the OPPO player supports native DSD. You can connect the analog audio output of the OPPO player to your A/V receiver, audio processor or amplifer to get native DSD audio.


Please note that in DSD mode, the BDP-103 and BDP-103D do not offer volume control or variable output level. In this case you must provide a preamp/processor or A/V receiver to control volume before sending the signal to an amplifier. Only the BDP-105 can adjust the volume of native DSD signal. The following settings in the player's setup menu should be used:


Playback Setup - SACD Priority: set to Multi-Channel or Stereo based on your preference

Audio Format Setup - HDMI Audio: set to Off (This ensures that any connected HDMI device will not cause the player to convert DSD to PCM.)

Audio Format Setup - SACD Output: set to DSD

Just one more headphone and I know I can kick this nasty little habit !

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