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Playback as good as live music? I hope not

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If you saw my last post under the Cowboy Junkies header you read that I was disappointed with Son Volt's live 'sound', not their playing, but their sound mixing / volume when playing live.


We often talk about making our stereo's achieve the holy grail which is equalling live music.


For myself I would amend that statement to read: The holy grail of reproduced music would be approaching that of

live ACOUSTIC music. Stage amplified music leaves much to be desired, in 22 years of attending live concerts of various pop/rock music, much of it is just noise, multi-layers of guitars, drowned any vocals, forget hearing the true timber of an instrument. Too bad many of these very talented musicians, just don't get their great sound across in a live venue, they need to tell their sound guy to take his ear plugs out!


Now the Junkies did a great job with their sound, it was very well done, as good as a 'cheap' venue's sound system will support. Counting Crows also come to mind as giving a good effort not to make your ears bleed.

Well this is my 2 cents. I guess I am now officially getting old, because most of the time it is just too LOUD!

I was left thinking I would rather be sitting on my couch with my feet propped up wondering how I can better tweek my home system while enjoying my favorite songs....


\"It would be a mistake to demonize any particular philosophy. To do so forces people into entrenched positions and encourages the adoption of unhelpful defensive reactions, thus missing the opportunity for constructive dialog\"[br] - Martin Colloms - stereophile.com

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