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Teresonic Clarison Silver RCA Interconnects w/ Rhodium connectors (1.5m)

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Teresonic Clarison Silver 1.5 meter RCA Interconnects with Rhodium connectors. Purchased October 2013 and used for several months. That's why they are conservatively listed as very good condition. Mike Zivkovic of Teresonic said I wouldn't be able to hear the difference between their gold and rhodium connectors, and he was correct. Recently changed system and thus no longer needed.


Asking $450 shipped USPS in CONUS ($995 new). Pay with PayPal Family/Friends for no fees; otherwise, 3% (check my refs on Audiogon, US Audio Mart, head-fi).


Teresonic is known primarily as the maker of excellent speaker systems and tube amplifiers seen at the big shows, which led them to develop interconnects (and speaker cables and power cords) to match. And they do!


From Positive Feedback Review:

"The Clarison Silver cables provided the clarity and resolution needed... I find that being able to both hear and follow these sorts of musical threads adds a great deal of enjoyment to the performance."


"I value soundstaging very highly and the Clarison Silver cables provided as wide and deep a soundstage as I have experienced. Voices and instruments were solidly located in space and had their own three-dimensional integrity. Subtle inflections, whether of voice or instrument, were easily heard...Female voices were beautifully presented."


Another word I would use to describe the Teresonic Clarison cables would be EXPANSIVE. It is so musically enjoyable, this expansive feeling of space they allowed my system to have. This sense of space is also apparent in the way you hear the air around a singer or the decay in a hall.


From dagogo review:

“No cables I have had in my system have the Teresonic’s combination of harmonic accuracy, tonal neutrality, and dynamics.”


"They have such correct and beautiful tone, yet they are so detailed and resolving. No cables I have had in my system have the Teresonic’s combination of harmonic accuracy, tonal neutrality, and dynamics. As an added bonus, they let you hear layers of textural definition better than the Audience au24, and as well as the Auditorium 23 speaker cable. I found the sound very addictive, and one I missed very much when I took them out of my system."


"I just have one last thing to say. How on earth have these cables been kept such a secret?"


Clarison interconnects


teresonic clarison

Teresonic Clarison Speaker and Interconnect Cables Review | Dagogo | A Unique Audiophile Experience


Teresonic Clarison Silver Rhodium RCA IC.jpg

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