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Teresonic Clarison Power Cord (1.5m)

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Teresonic Clarison Power Cord, 1.5 meters. Purchased in February 2014 and used for several months, which is why it is conservatively listed as very good condition. Recently changed system and thus no longer needed.


Asking $250 + $10 shipping in CONUS (New = $495 + $45 shipping). Pay with PayPal Family/Friends for no fees; otherwise, 3% (check my refs on Audiogon, US Audio Mart, head-fi).


Teresonic is known primarily as the maker of excellent well-regard speaker systems and tube amplifiers seen at the big shows, which led them to develop interconnects, speaker cables and power cords to match. And they do! However, as you'll see at their site, unlike the other types the power cords are not listed. That's because Teresonic makes them special for their customers to ensure the best system sound. The power cords have every bit the sonic quality of their other cables. See reviews below.


"I just have one last thing to say. How on earth have these cables been kept such a secret?" (Jack Roberts' review on dagogo).


Clarison interconnects


teresonic clarison

Teresonic Clarison Speaker and Interconnect Cables Review | Dagogo | A Unique Audiophile Experience


Teresonic Clarison Power Cord.jpg

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