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Oppo PM-1 Headphones, New Longer Cable ???

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I'm very seriously thinking of buying the new-ish Oppo PM-1 headphones.

But it comes with "only" a 10-foot long cable, and with my listening setup, I need a 15-foot long cable.


Now, when I've looked at the Moon Audio site, my source up to now for headphone cables, they don't seem to have cables for the Oppo.


So, can you suggest any source for high-quality headphone cables in that 15-foot length?

The Oppo PM-1's need 2.5mm mono mini jacks terminations at the can end, if I understand correctly.


Dave, who prefers the idea of the Oppo headphones vs. the Audeze partially because the Oppo ones are substantially lighter and comfort matters


Music is love, made audible.


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You might have better luck with this forum:


Head-Fi.org - Headphone forums and reviews for audiophiles


Logically you make sense.


  1. But Head-Fi has 193 pages just on the Oppo PM-1, which is too much to wade through.
  2. And Computer Audiophile is my home forum for all things audio.
  3. And this is the "Headphones & Speakers" section, so I'd rather ask here.

Dave, who found out that a company called Double Helix Cables will be building cables for the PM-1s and wonders if anyone here has experience with that company


Music is love, made audible.


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