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Best 700$ Speakers?


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Ok. Thanks for the answers in the 500$ question.

This is really hard.

now lets try 700$... willing to spend more to get something good.

again, what is the best sounding 700$? i hear stuff about yamaha? B&W?






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I have Yamaha HS 50M active near field monitors with a HS 10W powered subwoofer.


Brief description of the monitors. They want balanced XLR input. They are designed for flat response, precision, and excellent resolution. The monitors are bi-amplified and have basic controls with the purpose of tuning the output to the room, and controlling low/high cut with the matched subwoofer. The subwoofer has high/low cut controls and a level output to match it with the monitors. The objective is to be acoustically transparent - reproduce exactly what you drop through the XLR inputs, accurately, with no coloration.


With good source - they are stunning.



I've heard the HS 80Ms. My impression is that the HS 50Ms paired with the HS 10W sub outperforms them by a significant margin.


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