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Broken HDMI Socket On Laptop

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Hi All


The HDMI socket on my laptop no longer works and I wondered if the was such a thing as a USB to HDMI adaptor that also gives you 5.1 sound?


Can't seem to find anything via Google.






My experience is adapters of the type you are talking about (if they even exist) don't work very well. For instance, I've been searching for years for an HDMI to Component (or SVGA) adapter as my HDTV is too old to have HDMI inputs and Blu-Ray players won't output HD via component (PbPrY), if it has component outputs at all (most don't). My Sony has component out, and will output 480p from DVDs, but outputs only 480i (!) from Blu-Ray discs. Talk about stupid paranoia (pirates don't copy Blu-Ray discs from the analog outputs, they use bit-for-bit disc copying apps on computers). Anyway, I've tried a number of so-called HDMI to component video adapters and none work very well. The one I have now creates an HD picture that is so dark it almost cannot be seen without jacking the black and white levels up all the way on the TV, even then it's too dark. But the picture also flickers. I suspect this is the work of copy protection, but I don't know that for sure. My point here is that the video industry doesn't want people to adapt HDMI to other formats (or vice versa), so I suspect that even if you did find such a puppy, that it wouldn't work very well.


But you have brought-up a sore point with me. These computers all have, what I consider, very fragile connection ports on them. Neither HDMI nor USB ports are very robust (unlike the old VGA ports which actually screwed mechanically to the computer's casework) and I've heard stories of people breaking their laptop's USB ports by accidentally hitting a USB dongle when it's connected and tearing the guts out of the computer's USB port connector. I have a short pigtail lead that has a male "A-type" USB plug on one end and a female on the other. I use it whenever I plug any dongle into my laptop's USB. I especially use it with my DragonFly. BTW, don't buy the AudioQuest "Dragon's Tail". It's supposed to be for the very purpose of providing strain relief for the DragonFly so that one won't accidentally hit it with something and tear-out one's computer USB port, but for some dumb reason they made it so stiff that it actually has just the opposite effect by sticking the DragonFly even further out into traffic guaranteeing that someone will hit it and break the computer's USB jack!


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