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Norah Jones "Covers" Bonus Album - Now Available as DSD Download

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Acoustic Sounds and their Super HiRez web site has made the Norah Jones album "Covers" available as a Stereo DSD Download. Up until now, the only way to get that album was to buy the Norah Jones SACD Box set for $229 and get "Covers" as a box set bonus.


It will be interesting to see if other box set bonus albums make their way to market via downloads in the future.



Norah Jones - Covers.jpg

Covers - Norah Jones (Stereo DSD Download, Analogue Productions XAPP047D64)

Norah Jones-Covers-DSD | Acoustic Sounds

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Jan Daleys The Way of a Woman and Norah Jones Day Breaks Dominate the Smooth Jazz Music Scene

Jan Daley is one of the greatest classic smooth jazz artists of our time.  Her smooth jazz music and arrangements are reminiscent of the great artists of the Great American Songbook era and her voice is clear and entrancing.  Jan Daley has been releasing music for decades now since her days of USO tours with Bob Hope and her newest album just might be the best one yet.  Even Frank Sinatra agreed, “She’s got it.”  And Jan Daley does.  Her raw talent is incredible and her hard work and consistent execution are equally impressive. 


Louis Armstrong described Daley as having a, “great, big, beautiful voice.”  Her newest smooth jazz album is an incredible blend of five covers and six original songs and, after listening; you’ll truly understand how unreal her voice really is.  Her swooning tone and absolute control are stunning to listen to and will blow you away.  If you haven’t done so yet, take a listen to her new album on iTunes here: http://bit.ly/JD-TWOAWiTunes.


If that’s not enough Jan for you, you can download the title song from her EP “When Sunny Gets Blue” FOR FREE from Noisetrade here: http://bit.ly/JD-FreeSong. To learn more about Daley and to keep up with her latest updates, check out her Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/jandaleymusic/ and her official website here: www.jandaley.com/.


Way OfAWomanCover_zpsjt4ko1ru.jpg

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1 hour ago, new_media said:

Zombie Spam.


You are right.   


I was wondering what that message had to do with Norah Jones and her music being available on music downloads in DSD.


From what I can tell, this singer (Jan Daley) has not done any duets with Norah Jones and is she does not perform on the Norah Jones album originally mentioned. :)


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