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Johnny Winter 1944 - 2014

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This amazing blues guitar player left us yesterday in Switzerland at 70. I grew up to his 70's hit albums and luckily got to see him at the BB King in NYC two years ago. He was frail and clearly past his prime, but I'll keep the memories of Captured Live and Nothing But The Blues to name a few. RIP sir.

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He was on quite the tour when he died.


I live in a small town called Uxbridge in Ontario, Canada. He was booked to play The Uxbridge Music Hall last March this year. The week prior to his show, there were structural problems found with the balcony of the Music Hall making it unsafe to use. His concert ended up being relocated to our local high school cafeteria! I was unable to attend the show and only found out about the rescheduling/relocation afterwards. It's still unbelievable to me that Johnny Winter played our high school cafeteria just this past spring.


My wife's cousin saw him not long before, on the same tour, in a small bar, maybe 200 seats tops, in Hamilton, Ontario. She said he had to be carried on stage in a chair, he was so frail, but once he started playing, it was amazing. Afterwards, she ended up seeing his small RV parked out back and was able to talk to him and get an album she had brought autographed. She said he was just totally down to earth and very friendly.


I was lucky enough to see him at least twice much earlier in his career, both times in Toronto. Once was at Maple Leaf Gardens and I can't remember if he was the opening act or headliner, but the other band was Slade. This was probably early seventies. Second show I remember was at Massey Hall and he was opening for Golden Earring. Amazing show. We didn't even stay for Golden Earring . At the time, all we cared about was seeing Johnny Winter.



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