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Guitar Sonatas in DSD128 & DSD256

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For classical guitar fans, here's one to check out. A new record label in Spain, Eudora Records, has released an album of Guitar Sonatas performed by Ricardo Gallen as a Hybrid Multichannel SACD and as music downloads (DSD & FLAC).


Now they've taken it a step further by posting Double Rate DSD128 (5.6mHz) Multichannel and Stereo Downloads and Quad Rate DSD256 (11.2 mHz) Stereo Downloads. (The Quad Rate DSD256 Multichannel Downloads are available as a special order item).


So if you've wondered about Multichannel and Stereo music at higher than SACD resolutions (DSD128 is 2X SACD and DSD256 is 4X SACD), here's your chance to check it out!



Gallen in DSD128 and DSD256 - 50p.jpg

Sor: Guitar Sonatas - Ricardo Gallen, Classical Guitar (Hybrid Multichannel SACD & DSD 64/128/256 Downloads, Eudora Records 1401)

Fernando Sor Guitar Sonatas | Albums | Eudora Records | Native DSD Music

Eudora Records : Sor: Guitar Sonatas

Eudora Records : Sor: Guitar Sonatas

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