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Spotify Ram Disk & Sound Quality

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Here's great SQ tip for playing Spotify. The program apparently stores most of the music you listen to inside an encrypted file folder. This way it does not download songs repeatedly for playing them multiple times, but fetches them from the hard drive and this cuts their server costs.


You can change the location of where it stores these files using the Spotify Preferences. If you create a Ram Disk and store the Spotify cache files there, they sound much better during playback.


If you are using a Macintosh, all you need do is download the software at the links below and use it to create a ram disk of a couple of Gigabytes. Then open Spotify Preferences and under cache, select the browse button. A new window pane will open up where you can find and select the ram disk. That's it. Just close preferences and listen as you normally would with Spotify. Sounds better in my system.

Mountain Lion RamDiskCreator





Snow Leopard RamDiskCreator


BTW, using a USB Thumb Drive as a location for Spotify cache files is not bad sounding either, just not as good as the Ram Disk IMO.


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