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KRK Speakers

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I am about to purchase the KRK Rokit G2

8'' speakers and connect them to a Cambridge Audio DACmagic connected to and iMac with iTunes 8.2 with AIFF audio.



Are these speakers good? would you recommend any other speakers at the same price range? (500$ for pair)



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I was working at a hotel and the krk groups hosted a conference for their reps. I can tell you they are a serious company and have a good reputation. I seem to recall seeing the speakers sold at some of the music centers in town. Have them domo it for you and compare to their other models. My audio buddy taught me to demo first! Not sure about the sound as they did not play them at the conference...go figure. Also, not sure if they have additional unnecessary processing of the digital signal in the path....something to consider. I am open to it if you like the way its sounds (thanks E for the idea...inside joke).


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