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2/4 How Surround’ed are you? Your rig

What is the state of your current sound rig(s)?  

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What is the state of your current sound rig(s)?


Please combine info with the approximate quality of your rig:

Q1 Standard / Wallmart consumer grade (aka cost of bicycle)

Q2 Good hifi quality but of this world (aka cost of used car)

Q3 Absolute high-end (aka cost of new car)


We’ll take your word for it (and no, cost is no measure ;-) )

You never use surround?

Go to 1/4 How Surround’ed are you? Your Position

2/4 Your rig

3/4 Equipment types

4/4 Music sources

Promise Pegasus2 R6 12TB -> Thunderbolt2 ->
MacBook Pro M1 Pro -> Motu 8D -> AES/EBU ->
Main: Genelec 5 x 8260A + 2 x 8250 + 2 x 8330 + 7271A sub
Boat: Genelec 8010 + 5040 sub

Hifiman Sundara, Sennheiser PXC 550 II
Blog: “Confessions of a DigiPhile”

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