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Linnenberg Vivace

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I thought I would start a thread for this DAC as I'm vaguely considering getting one, unfortunately to budget that I would have to sell off my turntable which is something I think many will deem heretical. tongue.gif


Why I'm especially interested in this DAC is the same reason I'm considering leaving vinyl, a recent update to the JPLAY software I use has allowed my digital playback to leapfrog in performance over vinyl(and yes I A/Bd with an album I have on both formats.) How is that relevant to Linnenberg? They recommend JPLAY in the product manual they have online. Not only is JPLAY a bit picky with which DACs it runs with but it seems like common sense to go with manufacturers that shill for other products I personally like. And those who go on about products I dislike, it only makes sense that I'm probably not going to agree with their interpretation of good sound.


Rather than just saying "has anyone heard this DAC yet?" which I would like to hear if anyone has, here is a link to their product page and Headfonia's review:



Linnenberg Audio Vivace Review

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