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Amarra sQ? What's the point?

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Downloaded Amarra sQ (I own licensees to Amarra 3/sQ). My expectation is to improve the sound out of streaming apps like Spotify (arguably streamed at 320kbps so maybe this is not even worth it).


The obvious features are:

a- Eq (and possibly iRC)

b- SonicStream (a virtual output channel to redirect sound to the DAC)




1- Are there any features I'm missing? Integer mode to the DAC or some other improvement in this realm?


2- I'm not a fan of eq in general (don't use iRC - tried it and don't like it). However, I can imagine that Spotify being compressed and all might benefit from some eq settings. So...

2a- Any eq settings recommended for Spotify in particular?

2b- Anything else?


Thank you all.



NUC10i7 + Roon ROCK > dCS Rossini APEX DAC + dCS Rossini Master Clock 

SME 20/3 + SME V + Dynavector XV-1s or ANUK IO Gold > vdH The Grail or Kondo KSL-SFz + ANK L3 Phono 

Audio Note Kondo Ongaku > Avantgarde Duo Mezzo

Signal cables: Kondo Silver, Crystal Cable phono

Power cables: Kondo, Shunyata, van den Hul

system pics

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