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Synology and Jriver help on Mac

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I was round a friends house last night helping him with his Mac / Synology / JRiver set up and have an issue with it, basically whats happening is that when the Mac boots up and we open the Jriver software when selecting a tune to play JRiver does not find the tune. If I select the tune using FINDER it will open with JRiver and play, after that all the tunes in the library will play.


My friend has approx 7500 tunes in the library and we randomly tested these and they all played after opening an initial track in FINDER first. After another reboot of the Mac the same experience happens again and JRiver will only open the files once we have opened a tune in FINDER first.


On the import menu the Synology NAS does not appear to be ticked, when we select the NAS it doubles up all of the files so we then have 2 copies of each tune!


The only way to clear this is to clear the library and re-import it which is a bit of a "Ball ache"


Finally we imported his library from a stand alone portable hard drive, re booted the Mac and JRiver played them without any issues.


Im no expert on NAS drives and was wondering if anyone could help out please, Im pretty sure its an easy fix





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This may not be it at all, but I wonder if the Synology disks are auto mounting on reboot. If you don't have them set to, then this might explain it. You would do this by using the user panel in system preferences. Add the disk to the "open on startup" list, and see if that will do the trick. You may need to clear the library and re-enter it once this has been set, but only once. I'd recommend just trying it for a small number of songs; when it's working right, then load everything.

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I believe poorer has hit the nail on the head. You need to mount the NAS music folder on your Mac's desktop prior to launching JRiver. As he noted you can set it to automatically mount on boot up via System Preferences on the Mac. System Preferences->Users & Groups->Login Items.



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