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Article: Oppo HA-1 Headphone Amp & DAC Review

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It would be very interesting to hear the Oppo (and other headphones) through the HA-1 vs the BMC PureDac. the BMC isn't as feature packed, but has very interesting technology and is around the same price point.

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Not sure if this is really a review or just an expanded tech sheet on the unit.


Perhaps there will be a part two follow up embracing the sonic qualities of the unit.


+1 pretty much knew the facts on it already.


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So, for approximately the same price one can get a Lynx Hilo that does substantially all of this AND has a reference-quality analog-to-digital converter.


Value proposition? Sorry, I'm not seeing it.

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tough crowd

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Mark Waldrep compared it to the Benchmark DAC2 on his blog:

As for sound quality, several readers have asked me how it stacks up against my Benchmark DAC2 HGC. I can say that I love both but…

The Benchmark DAC2 HGC is a reference quality converter and functions as well as a preamplifier. It competes…and wins…against anything at any price, including the Light Harmonic $20K DAC (no kidding). The HA-1 is a notch below the rarefied air that Benchmark and others occupy. But a solid piece none-the-less.

Oppo Headphone Amplifier HA-1: Up Close 2 | Real HD-Audio


PS: I have no affiliation with Benchmark. I am just an ordinary customer. I bought a DAC2 D a year ago (at the too high price at which it is sold here due to tariffs, VAT and import mark-ups) and am very pleased with it.

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There is a difference between "silicone" and "silicon." A reviewer ought to know it.



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