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AV Preamp for DAC for Dirac and the like?

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Hi All,


I've been reading a few threads about DSpeaker and Dirac. I was really impressed with the demos of both at hi-fi shows. I'm very curious about room correction and digital cross-overs. I'm currently running a Marantz AV-7005 bi-amped with Audyssey. As it is now, the Marantz is doing some "room correction" and active crossover work going into speakers with built-in passive cross-overs. Probably not ideal but a baby step towards what I've heard at shows.


I'm looking possibly Emerald Physic's speakers and continuing to use the AV-7005 as a multi-channel DAC. Do room correction/crossover software support sending discrete channels via HDMI? Then I'd simply route the appropriate pre-amp outs to the corresponding amp inputs as I'm doing now.


For computers, I'm platform agnostic. Mac, Windows, or Linux will do. However, I do prefer ease of use. The Marantz with Audyssey is easy but now that I've heard better, I don't mind a bit of tinkering.


EDIT: I forgot to add this will be for a stereo 2.0 set up. I might add subwoofer(s) at some point but I'm firmly in the stereo camp.

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Yes, I know, I still am passive bi-amping TODAY with my current set-up. I intend to get speakers with external crossovers that can be bypassed completely. The AV-7005 does have a bi-amping function of it's own which I am using with some success but want to take the next step to fully active speakers, digital crossovers, and better room correction all while using the AV-7005 as a "dumb" multi-channel DAC.


The question is, via HDMI, if I have a PC/Mac running some room correction/active cross over software. Using my AV-7005 in "Pure Direct" mode (to bypass the pre-amp's own processing), is it possible to use it as a muti-channel DAC? Can the software tell the pre-amp via HDMI:


Send hi-pass audio to Left Front & Right Front channels

Send low-pass audio to Left Rear & Right Rear channels

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