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WS 2012 Essentials Driver Install Issues

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I'm trying to install the drivers for my Aesthetix DAC on WS 2012 Essentials (Aesthetix uses Ayre/Streamlength drivers, so if anyone using a Ayre DAC with WS 2012 Essentials please chime in), but when I try to install I get the popup message that the OS is not supported (I note that WS 2012 is not listed on the popup list of supported OS's, however, the drivers install and work fine on my other computer that has WS 2012 (i.e. not "Essentials") installed on it.


I also have been unable to install the drivers for my Audiobyte Hydra X on the computer running WS 2012 Essentials--upon clicking install (or on the setup exe file), I immediately get the message that install failed....


Anyone running the Aesthetix (or Ayre) or Audiobyte Hydra X drivers successfully on WS 2012 Essentials?





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