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Headless mac mini audio output issues

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Sorry if this has already been discussed on another thread... I've found a few posts with this question but couldn't seem to find an answer.


I've just finished setting up my mac mini through an Esoteric RZ-1 DAC via USB.


Using splashtop, I can easily configure the audio output to the esoteric and everything works great.


My issue is that I was hoping to only use splashtop for system maintenance, so I setup the free apple remote app... and every time I switch to that app on my ipad or iphone, the audio reverts to the internal speakers.


Is there a way to completely disable the internal speakers and/or make the usb output to the dac the default at all times? When I log back in through the VNC the audio output has automatically been switched back to the internal speakers.


Thanks to anyone who can help me out with this.

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