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disc repair systems anyone?

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Hey guys, hope this isn't too much off-topic


I have been piling up scratched CDs and having bought the SkipDr I am still looking for something superior.

I know Disc-Go-Tech from Canada but their models are more of an industrial operation of large quantities, not so much for consumers like me. Do you guys know of any consumer friendly systems out there?


any company that has this kind of service?

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Rip them with EAC, Exact Audio Copy. It is flat amazing how it can retrieve the data from horribly scratched CDs. It may take many passes on bad scratches, but it will do the job for free. I have retrieved CDs that looked as if someone put them on the soles of boots and walked a few miles in gravel. If it simply cannot recover data is does a good job of interpolation.

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I have a lot of plastic polishes at my disposal, since I work with acrylic and other plastics to earn a living. Even with new CDs, I always shine them with Novus 1 and a litho cleaning pad. If they have any scratches, I use a polish—something like Novus 3 or a car painting polish (not wax). For really deep scratches I use a cotton buffing wheel with white "rouge" on it. The Novus products are available at TAP plastics, and I'm sure other places. It's worth it to try almost anything on a really scratched disc, so experiment away.


If you have scratches or holes on the label side (you can see if light goes through the CD) there's not much you can do. I use XLD with testing typically. If I get a disc that just wont rip, I've had success in copying it to a disc image (I use Toast for this) and then rip from the disc image. Sometimes this works, sometimes not.

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