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Synology DS 414

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Does anyone has any experience with this NAS?

I am not tech savy, so I am very afraid to go the NAS road...but it seems the sensible way considering that I am putting the whole system together...


using the mac mini, what is the best video software available? Can I acess the library throughout the house ( that seems to be the best reason to go through on this path).

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I have last year's version, the DS413. I love it and would recommend it highly. I believe that the DS414 has an upgraded CPU.


Plex is one way to access video from using a Mac.


There are lots of options actually, as there are several media server apps you can run on this NAS.

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Running a DS413 since it came to market, no trouble so far at all.

DS414 won't most probably be a new design but same model with some upgrade on the CPU.


Choose reliable HDDs for your NAS, like Western Digital RED, they are made for NAS and can operate 24/7.

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There are lots of options actually, as there are several media server apps you can run on this NAS.
Agreed and you have arguably the best choice in being able to use MinimServer if you have need of a UPnP server for your music files.

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Another very satisfied 413 user. Also strongly recommend the WD red drives. Synology bundles a number of apps with their server software. I run VLC as a general application on our various computers (all Mac) that seems to run any videos (short of blue ray, but it does run blue ray rips) just fine.

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