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Putting Mac Mini To Sleep And Waking

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Since early on in my computer audio experience I had followed some suggestions regarding maximizing performance on the Mac Mini by minimizing services. I've long forgotten the reasons. Recently I had been thinking about one of those actions related to Energy Mode on the Mac Mini.


I have aver both Screen Saver and Sleep mode set to Never. My questions are should I be putting the Mac Mini to Sleep manually when I am done or is it okay to leave it active 24/7? My library external HDD seems to go to sleep on its own and easily comes back up when I open JRiver but I seem to remember issues with the HDD booting after the Mac Mini was in Sleep mode and awakening.


Additionally I read in a JRiver forum post that the JRemote app had the ability to wake the Mac Mini but I can find no setting or selection to do so.


Any issues I should be aware of or recommendations? What do you do?

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I run mine 24x7, along with the attached Firewire drives (one for music, one for video, and one for TimeMachine backup). Every month or so I wind up rebooting it for some reason or another but, besides that, it runs continuously.

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