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What now? Need guidance on OS X, audio playback and VST's.


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This is my first post on this forum, and I'm looking for some advice.


I'm currently running with the following equipment:

Macbook Pro / Leopard

Apogee Duet firewire soundcard

Pro-Ject RPM-1 turntable / Grado PU

Cambridge 640P RIAA

Audio Note P1 amplifier

Klipsch Heresy II speakers


I'm using iTunes for music playback, hijacking it with Audio Hijack Pro and running ARC room correction as a VST - new tech meets vintage sound. I've been able to correct an ugly midrange bulge in the frequency response, but i feel I can improve the sound further.


I'm not completely satisfied with the computer sound compared to the sound from vinyl. What is the best audio player for OSX? I'm guessing iTunes is the best when thinking of usability / quality. I'm also looking for "sound enhancing" VST that i can trow into the loop. Especially room correction and an EQ.


Best regards,


(Norwegian member)


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I have no experience with room corrections software. Surely there are quite sophisticated functions available via AU or VST plug-in which you could use directly in AHPro or Bidule?


Bidule will likely give you more sophisticated processing capabilities, but you'll still need the plug-ins that better meet your needs.


FWIW, I don't think you'll be find Bidule as easy to integrate with iTunes, as Audio Hijack Pro. It runs as a standalone, or as a VST (I'm pretty sure). If you do need it, I think you should be able to use it as a plug-in into Audio Hijack Pro, which, as you know, runs invisibly while hijacking the iTunes output and then processing it.


best of luck,









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Thanks for the response, Clay.

What I find a bit irritating is that Audio Hijack uses Sunflower (?) while hijacking. Thus, doing it in the software. I would think that it is possible to use the Duet as an "engine" for Audio Hijack as well. The Sunflower-output also differs in gain, which concerns me regarding the quality of the audio playback.




Also, for now on and forever: Sorry about my english and my grammar :)


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What VST would you (persons on this forum) recommend for changing the signature of the sound? I've looked into some different EQ's, but I'm completely new to this.


What i have done is set up IK Multimedia's ARC, and it changes the sound so dramatically that i don't know what is the most correct. ARC on sounds flat and fine, but it takes away a lot of the bottom end in the sound. ARC off gives me an ugly midrange boost in my living-room that I can't ignore. A problem with ARC is that after the measurements are done is that its locked. I want more ways to manipulate the output. Now I'm trying to get some of that bottom end back using the standard Apple EQ, but it doesn't feel right..


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I don't really use plug-ins to change the 'character' of the sound, so, I'm not much help.


The software with my ULN-2 (DAC/ADC/mic preamp) has something called 'Character', which subtly changes the sound to emulate the intrinsic sounds of (recording) mics / preamps, and so when I'm adventurous, I use that.


Recording forums might be a better bet for your questions. You don't seem to be getting much in the way of answers here. Don't forget to report back what you found!






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I would recommned that you correct your frequency response anomolies by fixing the room first. Before you start, make sure to set iTunes to playback in bit perfect output. Search in this forum for setting iTunes to bit perfect output. Then, move your speakers around, add cushioning strategically in parts of the room etc, until you get the best possible sound out of your speakers. After all that is done, then I would try EQing to finish off. Physical room correction should always come before software room correction, because physical correction can compensate for much larger variations in room response than software can.


Hope this helps.




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Yes, i know. The speakers have been all around the room. The placement is OK, the ARC cleans up some resonance that I'm stuck with anyways and i use an EQ for boosting the bass a bit. This is, after all, the Klipsch Heresy, not the most average speaker on the planet :)


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What I'm wondering about is that the itunes -> mac -> sound card -> amplifier is THE way to set things up on a Mac, while PC users have all this audiophile playback engines like xxhighend etc.


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