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Win 7 drivers for SOtM tX-USBexp PCIe-USB Card

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I'm new to this forum. If my question is rudimentary, I apologize in advance.


I'm interested in using the SOtM tX-USBexp USB card in a Windows 7 rig but have read that there are driver problems. Computer Audiophile reviewed the tx-USBexp card in December 2012 and indicated that there was a problem with the drivers for Windows 7. The review noted:



"The SOtM tX-USBexp has been problematic under certain conditions. When using the card with Windows 7 I had many issues including very distorted sound and stuttering during playback. This was unacceptable so I stopped using the card with Windows 7. I tracked the issue down to the drivers included with the card from SOtM. USB 3.0 was not included in any PCs when Windows 7 was released and Microsoft still hasn't included native support for USB 3.0 devices.




Question: Anyone know if there are updated drivers for the SOtM TX-USBexp card that will work in a Windows 7 rig? If not, is there another USB card that is available for the purpose of sending data from the computer to an external DAC?


Thanks for your reply.

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