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cover.jpgHer new solo CD. Guaranteed to make your ears bleed. Say it ain't so, Chrissie


DR Peak RMS Filename


DR6 over -7.45 dB 01 You Or No One.aiff

DR5 over -6.78 dB 02 Dark Sunglasses.aiff

DR5 -0.00 dB -6.07 dB 03 Like In The Movies.aiff

DR7 over -7.85 dB 04 Down The Wrong Way.aiff

DR6 -0.00 dB -7.61 dB 05 You're The One.aiff

DR5 -0.00 dB -6.55 dB 06 A Plan Too Far.aiff

DR6 -0.00 dB -8.50 dB 07 In A Miracle.aiff

DR5 -0.00 dB -6.32 dB 08 House Of Cards.aiff

DR10 -1.31 dB -12.95 dB 09 Tourniquet (Cynthia Anne).aiff

DR6 -0.01 dB -7.62 dB 10 Sweet Nuthin'.aiff

DR7 -0.00 dB -9.33 dB 11 Adding The Blue.aiff


Number of files: 11

Official DR value: DR6

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