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Audio Research DSi -200 Integrated Black Faceplate- Solid State Class D - Excellent Condition

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For sale is my Audio Research DSi200 200 wpc integrated in excellent condition. I am the original owner and have had it for just under two years. It has performed flawlessly. I have all original packaging for safe shipment. This amp has received great reviews throughout the world. It is powerful, but because of Audio Research's proprietary Class D amplifier design, it is incredibly efficient and runs cool. It is an Energy Star rated device. Here is a quote from the review by Absolute Sound:


The DSi200 sonically stands its ground with the cream-of-the-crop in high-power integrated amplifiers. And I’m talking about efforts from the likes of Pass Labs, Magnum Dynalab, Simaudio, and Plinius. ARC deserves to be commended for wading into the controversial waters that roil around Class D amplification—a potentially thankless course for a company so strongly associated with tubes. But inspiration and a lot of engineering elbow-grease have produced a terrific integrated amp, comfortable in virtually every sonic environment and priced aggressively. ARC’s new powerhouse is a cool surprise from the company known for turning up the heat.


I will upload pictures later.


My asking price is $3650.00. List price is $6495.00 I accept Paypal with no upcharge for fees. US Sales Only.


Please contact me with any questions.

Auralic Aries/Devialet 200/Analysis Plus Oval 9/Harbeth M30.1

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