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Part 5 of 5: Symposium What Did I Learn

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Having a gathering like this should not be missed if you are serious about sound. If you equate it to cars imagine you get to drive the Lambos, Astons ets. And you get to talk to the designers at the same time while comparing cars. This is what happened here in Berkeley. If they have another one of these don’t hesitate to come because it was worth 2 or 3 times the price.

Higher bit rate does equal better sound.

The audio press was there which says to me this is getting big.

The seminar with the 8 distinguished speakers was ABSOLUTLY eye opening.

The people who are giving results tested on lesser systems will get and give misleading results.

I think in the future, the systems like the Martan will be the leaders in sound quality. When you manufacturer your own unit from scratch you can control the wire paths, power regulating and so many things that would be a problem in a regular computer setup. But also in the future I would bet most regular listeners will use a regular computer.

It is absolutely how amazing even with all of the problems of a cheap computer, how good it can sound.

Solid state drives will probably end up the standard for servers.

In closing they did an A +++ job and are to be congratulated and thanked.

It would be great if some of the people that went could just add their own word here. I just did a very basic coverage of things. Most people there will see other thing that I maybe did not consider as important. I look forward to reading them.



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Thanks for posting up your thoughts Earl. We met in the studio when you introduced yourself and I said I was nobody important, just a lawyer who loves music. Anyway, I have been on vacation since the day after the event and have not been able to post any thoughts, but I will find some time to do so. Chris, Tim, Meier, Paul, Matan, and many others did a great deal of work organizing this event and although I think it could have been even better it was a great first event of its kind. Thanks team!


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