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Headphones . . . looking or comfort and great sound

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I am looking for some headphones that are comfortable while laying my head on my pillow at night. I have on ear and over ear headphones now. I am hoping an in ear set my be more comfortable as I fall asleep.


Looking for recommendation on in ear style, comfort and great sound.


Max budget is $200.


Thanks in advance.


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I can recommend Etymotic Research 4p, but truly don't think it would be good to fall asleep with them in your ears. I'm not an ENT doc, but can't imagine it would be good to have an ear sealed off for so long. Maybe some of the other IE sets do not fit so tightly, and wouldn't be a problem. I don't think that any of the sets with custom molded inserts are in you price range, but maybe someone will know of some.

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If it were me, and I am audiophile-picky about sound, I'd use the Apple Earpods as re-tuned by the Dirac app for Apple i-devices. That way the sound would be smooth and flat, with no resonances to speak of, lacking only the marginally better detail of a pricy IEM. When I listen in bed expecting to fall asleep, I don't need the absolute best quality - just very good quality.

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Given the price constraint you've defined, I would probably listen first to the Westone W10.

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