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Part 2 of 5: Symposium Recording Session at 24/176 with Reference Recordings Keith Johnson

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Things get going and half of the group was in the studio and half was in the room with Keith Johnson. He took the time to explain a lot of things about how he records and why he does it. He sat in front of his custom made mixer which probably has done most of the music we have listened to over the years. The specially modified mic pre amps, the isolating power supplies along with a bunch of other stuff. Keith took a dead studio and made it very lively with some mics and speakers which I had never seen before. He is very settled with his microphones and comfortable with all of his equipments and you can see this is a good thing. The musicians started to play and his Pacific Microsonic started it’s A/D work right onto a disc. It was that simple. A second take was done with everyone in the studio going into Keith’s room and the other group to the musicians area. This made you understand both parts of the process. Keith took the disc out and they carried it to the main room where they loaded onto all of the servers. It was recorded at 24/176.


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