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ELP "Brain Salad Surgery" DVD-A 24/96 Original Stereo Mix (2014)...

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...any opinions or info on provenance welcome.

Main system: Meridian GO6, Squeezebox touch, Marantz TT15S1, Cambridge 640p, Oppo DV980H, Wyred4Sound ST 1000 + Cyrus PreXVS, ATC SCM19, Panasonic Plasma TH37PX80B.


Junior system: Meridian 506, Squeezebox 3, Oppo DV980H, Cambridge DacMagic, Bel Canto S300iU, ProAc Tablette 50, Panasonic TH42U30B.



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I bought this from Amazon for $17. Yep it is really good. At first I didn't think so but after the big comparo it is a yes.

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